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Elisium Releases New Record: Signifcantius Vitae XIXXVII

There once was a workhorse called Elisium

Whose home was a white metal box on 4 rubber wheels

They were a 3-piece outfit made up of 3 Days Grace and Chevelle,

A pinch of magic, a little mystery or even a little something more…


They’re songs are ambient and brainy

Provoking and aggressive

They are the real deal

Looking them in the eyes will tell you


That’s what it takes in 2017

and what most bands don’t have,

Confidence in themselves and a room to command


A gift of brothers who choose to walk the less traveled path

Setting the example, being bold, and taking a stand

Against the odds, and the trials and tribulations,

And the absolute beauty

of being in a modern rock n roll band


It’s about the “short cuts” and the “small things”

And the blood, sweat and tears… the love, and the passion

The dedication, and the life of effort that goes into it

I’ve been a fan for a few years, especially after sharing some stages

Significantius Vitae XIXXVII  is this latest of 4 releases

Open your browser and just copy and paste it

Go to your phone your itunes, or your spotify

Click on the search bar and type E L I S I U M


Significantius Vitae is a good fuckin record, good job boys. I’m gonna be listening to this one for awhile.


5 out of 5 horns




Dirtbag Smitty and Nate reconvene and discuss the life of a full time musician in the year 2016, Elisium’s 13-year history and cartel activity…

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Name: Nate Compton
Position: Vox / Guitar
Band: Elisium
Band Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA


Music Video: MEGAMAN

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