Dead Animal Assembly Plant (DAAP) introduce “Rise With Me”

Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s official music video for song “Rise With Me” from the album “OFH: Prime Cuts.”

Witness as popular media exploits our obsession with violence and mass shootings in the pursuit of higher ratings. Explore the depths in which those minds twisted, on the brink of total madness, are fueled by their dark desires. Commanded by the priestess – an effigy of all that want but cannot have. They prepare to face their social obligations as agents of divine fear and delusional retribution.

*The version used for the music video was mixed by Marc Jordan and mastered by Howie Weinberg. The original appears on the album “Old Fashion Hellfire.”

– Directed, Filmed, Edited by Karl Whinnery
– Additional drone footage by Lance Reis
Custom outfits by:
Zero mask by: