Jason Bittner Drummer- Shadows Fall – Friend of Dirtbag

Dirtbag has had the privilege and honor to know Jason and the Shadows Fall guys for longer then I’m sure both of us would like to say…. must be well over 10 years now if not closer to 15. Jason is a favorite of all of us here at Dirtbag HQ and we were super stoked when he was able to hook up with Graham Denzler a Dirtbag photog to send us these from Shads’ June 25th show at the Southland Ballroom in Raleigh, NC.
Jason’s currently on tour so we all know He’ll, “WEAR IT ‘TIL IT STINKS” as that’s life on the road following your passion!!

**special prize (free Dirtbag item of your choice) if you send in a picture of both you and Jason Bittner together in Dirtbag. GAME ON!

MEGA THANKS to Jason and Graham for the photo shoot.

Jason in our Military Green SARGE logo tee
Jason in our Military Green SARGE logo tee