About Dirtbag

I ask that you please read the entire history, as we want you to have the same passion for Dirtbag Clothing that we do.  If you don’t than Dirtbag may not be for you and that’s OK.

­Passion is what drives us.  We’re not “fashion” guys.  We started with a single shirt with DIRTBAG plastered across the front and when people saw it, they either got it, or they didn’t.

Dirtbag Clothing started in 1996 and we naturally gravitated to what we truly loved: MUSIC.  Almost since day one we used music to spread the word.  We called it spreading the “Stink”.   After a short time we realized, Dirtbag could not be made to conform, it had to come from within and once we followed our intuition, Dirtbag started to take off!   By focusing on our passion for music, supporting local and not so local bands and connecting with the people that “got it”.  This gave Dirtbag the underlying foundation and meaning for our future.

With a clear vision, we moved forward and networked with bands and their crews.  We told them, “Don’t take it, because it’s free and only wear it, because you like it!”  Most of them had the reaction of “WOW” that’s refreshingly honest.  So the mantra stuck and continues to this very day.  Most of our dealing are face-to-face with no frills and no B.S. with everything done with a handshake deal.  That’s how Dirtbag has become such a well-known and trusted friend within the music industry; from the fans, the bands and most importantly their hard working crews.  Our passion comes out in our apparel making for a much deeper connection to being a true DIRTBAG.   

When Dirtbag started in 1996, we sold our apparel online, working out of a cold, dark warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2006, Dirtbag signed a huge deal with Spencer’s Gifts that put Dirtbag Clothing in nearly every mall across the country.  That deal finally gave Dirtbag the platform to get our swag to the people who had never been able to find it before. The customers loved our products as Dirtbag had one of the top selling items.  At a time when Dirtbag was feeling a huge wave of momentum building, we also could see first-hand that our partners did not possess that same passion that we did.  We were losing creative control and integrity, as they wanted to bring out lower quality products and do items we had not approved.  So what did we do?  Rather than selling out or conforming, Dirtbag walked away from national distribution.  Killing our passion was not worth any amount of money.    

It has taken a few years for Dirtbag to recover from this very dark period.  In that time we started a record label - Dirtbag Music/ILG/Warner Music Group and Core Revolt our custom merchandise division.  But now it’s time to get Dirtbag Clothing back out there and stoke our passion.    

Dirtbag Clothing – the REBIRTH! The best part of this rebirth is that it’s just US – yes you and me!  Dirtbag Clothing’s future will be joined by our mutual passion for music.  So let’s cut to the chase - how will people get Dirtbag Clothing?

1) Dirtbag Clothing – available online via our website – www.dirtbagclothing.com 

2) Bands – Bands playing in a live setting *

3) (in the future) Venues that have live music – will carry the same items as the Dirtbag Clothing website

( “*” we have two options for bands. )

1) Mobile or “pop up retail” - a band can buy Dirtbag Clothing from us at “wholesale” pricing and then become a mobile retail outlet for Dirtbag Clothing with the band keeping all the profit. 


2) Still “pop up retail” but now it is exclusive Dirtbag product we call “TSP” which stands for TOUR SUPPORT PRODUCT. The items are exclusive and bands participating in the TSP program get the exclusive product at a price designed to maximize their profits.  The goal is to be a value add to the bands current merch offerings as well as being an opportunity to sell to everyone at the venue, the other bands, their fans etc.. It also should drive traffic to the merch table as you can say from the stage “we have EXCLUSIVE items only available through us.”  The goal is to drive revenue to the bands   

The TSP program is our way to help any bands willing to WORK vs. giving money to one or two bands and letting all the others get nothing.  A small investment with maximum return is the way we feel work should be rewarded. Taking the chance and investing in something you believe in as well as investing in yourself is also part of that.   We are looking for bands that believe in our mission and are willing to invest their time and effort to receive instant return as the sales and profits are going into their pocket, not to a recoup line.  TSP products will not be sold anyplace else; keeping the exclusivity to the bands is the whole reason for the TSP program.  We’ll promote the bands that are selling TSP as well as promoting the band themselves to fellow Dirtbag’s. 

You may notice traditional retail locations are not on this list and this is not by mistake.  Dirtbag is a music brand so you’ll either have to come to us online, through a band or venue to get it.  We’ve “been there, done that” with mass retail and our home is with you and not them.  We’re just fine being hard to find as that means only TRUE fans will search us out.  If you want to be in the front row, groove to the music in a crowd like you’re all alone, support your bands and tell your friends why they rock YOU’RE A DIRTBAG… If you don’t maybe we’re not for you, which again is OK.  We know we’re not for everyone and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Just like we say to every band I’ll say to you, IF YOU LIKE IT WEAR IT… IF NOT…. DON”T… (we sometimes swap out the last part for “IF NOT F*CK IT, but that’s usually with a beverage and ringing ears from a rocking show). 

Thank you ALL for your relentless and un-conditional support over the past 16 years. We look forward to serving you onstage, offstage, and backstage for the next 16 years.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Dirtbag Clothing, feel free to reach out to us as and tell us about your passion, as that is the lifeblood of what we’re doing!  contact@dirtbagclothing.com


On behalf of the Dirtbag Clothing team,

Dirtbag John

Chief Passion Officer / Co-Founder