Dear Abbey – Song Review – Parasite

I jump-started my Friday morning by rushing out the door for work. I was still dreary, and in a bit of a haze from the show I had gone to the night before. When I got on the road, I received an email asking me to review the new single from Dirtbag artists, Dear Abbey, entitled: Parasite. Given the condition I was in at this particular time of the day, I was unprepared for the musical kick in my ass that was about to be delivered.
This track busts through the doors with a driving guitar lick, led in by a full-band hulk smash. Right off the bat, I hear a fat, pumping, pulsing kick drum. It cuts right through the heavy guitar rhythms/soaring lead like a fresh blade. This song has gotten my attention; I am wide awake now, and we haven’t even hit the first verse.
So the band pulls back a little; a tight, crunchy rhythm takes over, and out pours the beast himself, Jeremy Hunter. In an era of such steep uncertainty for hard rock, a strong, male-fronted act is exactly what these times call for.. and Jeremy Hunter delivers. The verse builds perfectly into a catchy hook, followed by an expected and appropriately-placed interlude.
From here, the rest of the track writes itself. The above mentioned sequences repeat, and we are taken into a majestic and curious-sounding bridge, which incorporates some neat guitar sound effects. The chorus then plays out two more times, and the song hits its abrupt finish- the lead slowly echoing off into the distance. Although I could feel the punch in this song, I could almost predict what was coming next. This song would make a perfect push for radio play.
Parasite is hot, it’s heavy, and is guaranteed to blow the lid off your brown-bottle flu. Another woe often overlooked in hard rock these days is accessibility [and in many cases, intelligibility]. Without a doubt, this song is accessible, relatable, and radio-ready. I am exceedingly ambitious to hear the rest of Dear Abbey’s new LP, The View From Up Here, available April 15 on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

5 stars.

5 of 5 stars




Dear Abbey Official Website


Best of the Web Wednesday – HALESTORM

Dirtbag’s had the honor of knowing the HALESTORM band for quite some time… Better people you will not find. As the saying goes We’re always the last to know things and a fan noticed that HALESTORM added a Dirtbag Banner on their site which is in rotation. PRETTY DARN KICK ASS of them!! With that said get your ass out there and see them as they are on tour right now with Eric Church. You gotta see HALESTORM play on a big stage in an arena – THEY ROCK THE HOUSE litterally… and it’s helps keep AREJAY from jumping off the stage…. he tries too… A LOT.. 😉

Halestorm Tour Page


DIRTBAG bands get in front of Industry Pros!!

Three Dirtbag endorsed bands take part in Radio Contraband’s Annual Convention held in Las Vegas which brings together top Radio Program Directors, Record Labels, Management, Promotions and DJ’s. VIAL8, THE EVERYDAY LOSERS and HALIWEL are taking advantage of the sponsorship program by submitting their songs for a “RATE THE MUSIC” portion of the convention where all parties listen and review each song and provide invaluable feedback as well as national exposure directly to the industry they are going after. These three bands are the ones that everyone should be looking out for in 2015!

VIAL8 Moscow, Idaho
Moscow, Idaho
Washington, Indiana
HALIWEL Oregon, Wisconsin
Oregon, Wisconsin

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"BOSS" FlexFit hat
“BOSS” FlexFit hat

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DIRTBAG on tour with REALITY GREY in Japan
DIRTBAG on tour with REALITY GREY in Japan
Derek Shoreys MMA fighter - Debuting my Custom "Dirtbag" Walkout Hoodie at NEF XV. Walked out to "Let's Rise" by QUOR.
Derek Shoreys MMA fighter – Debuting my Custom “Dirtbag” Walkout Hoodie at NEF XV. Walked out to “Let’s Rise” by QUOR.
Dirtbag Fan in 18degree weather - At Breckinridge Distillery in CO!!
Dirtbag Fan in 18degree weather – At Breckinridge Distillery in CO!!